Some time ago something kind of “popped” in my left shoulder. Six months ago my long-time doctor recommended physical therapy since I seemed to be fairly flexible even with some pain. After a few months of PT nothing was better so the doc recommended an MRI which exposed a fairly severe tear in the rotator cuff and a subsequent visit to a orthopedic surgeon and a scheduled procedure to repair my errant tendon this coming Tuesday.

So, I’ve been a bit distracted lately. Doctors don’t want to be too specific so I’ve been given the worst case scenario for downtime and I’ve been trying to prepare for that. I’ve had to complete some work around the house before my wing becomes unusable. The same with some tasks at work. I’m working on re-doing my life to add in the required therapy and extra doctor appointments. And, never having had any surgery, I’ve been researching what to expect. (I’ve even found a couple of folks at church who have had similar surgery – and their stories are helpful.) Fortunately, my job is not intensely physical.

Anyway, the distraction keeps me from staying up on some lesser priority tasks … like adding blog posts. At least Twitter can be done on the run!

If you’ve had shoulder surgery, tell me your story!


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