Not Seeing a Point in Prayer

I’ve been reminded lately of how much of our prayer seems to focus merely on alleviating the immediate negative circumstances around us or others. Nothing wrong with praying for relief from pain, or for healing, or for reconciliation. I think we miss it when we fail to also pray that we, and others, might respond appropriately and biblically, even if the circumstances never change.

Is it not true that our thoughts, our prayers for ourselves, and those we love, and our conversation, is almost entirely aimed at getting rid of the negative at any cost – rather than praying that the negatives might be faced in the proper attitude? how much prayer do we make for our children and those we love that they may indeed be willing to walk by the Grace of God, through the steps of rejection and being slain? – Francis Schaeffer, True Spirituality.


One response to “Not Seeing a Point in Prayer

  • karla

    Hi there! I got one of those “suggested links” from WordPress on one of my recent posts, so I followed the link. Interesting post and quote. Nice link to drop in on. Peace!

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