Choosing Pain …

It’s been six weeks since my rotator cuff surgery. The recovery has been difficult but I have to admit that I’m pleased that it hasn’t been as bad as so many portrayed it. I’ve regained about 75% of my range of motion … improving every day. I have a great Physical Therapist in Doug and I’m confident that under his direction I’ll regain 100% movement and strength (which we just began to work on last week).

But I have to do the work. I have to follow through on the stretching, the exercises, the icing. No one else can do it for me. And I have to do it knowing that it will hurt, knowing that I have to stretch to the point of discomfort, and at times some pain. I’ve been told that most who fail to regain complete use of joints following surgery fail because they do not follow through on the assigned exercises … usually because of pain. So I visit with Doug twice a week and choose the twice daily pain of pushing my limb toward new limits. Every time I push through, even in small increments, I regain freedom and strength. So I choose pain. It is the only way I’ll ultimately recover completely.

[analogy alert!] This is so much like the Christian life! We often have to push through painful circumstances and events, even chronic spiritual pain, if we wish to gain maturity. Sometimes we break something, we fall into sinful patterns, make unwise choices, and damage our souls. Recovery from that definitely involves pain that leads to healing. Been there. Done that. And we have to choose that painful course rather than avoid it even when it means facing that spiritual and emotional pain daily. Every time we push through it helps us, even in small increments, regain our freedom and strength in Christ.


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