Sin. Nothing You Can Do.

Consider the doctrine of sin. How many presentations of the Gospel skim over the serious situation of the lost, the total hopelessness of their sinfulness, and their utter helplessness to do anything about it. Absolutely nothing! Just in case you missed it, a sinner can do nothing about his sin. That’s why God has to deal with it, and the Good News, of course, that the does, through the death of Jesus.

Michael Horton in Christless Christianity indicates that many American churches, pastors, and Christians are falling prey to a ‘therapeutic’ worldview where “there is no sin and guilt to be forgiven by God but only burdens and feelings of guilt for failing to live up to the expections of oneself or other human beings” (p. 43).  They tend towards a practical Pelagianism where sin is not a universal human condition about which we can do nothing, but simply a choice that each of us makes. We just tend to follow the wrong example of Adam rather than the good example of Jesus (see p. 49).  The upshot has been that ministries have been moving towards fixing man’s flaws rather than casting oneself on God as one desperate for his sovereign grace in changing us from the core.

Horton’s book is a vital warning to the American Church. I’m not sure how many will listen. I suggest we must.


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