Young and Wise

We’re having some colleagues from the Crossroads staff over for dinner tonight. As I wait for them to arrive, I am struck with a completely unrelated thought about people in my life. So many of them are much younger than I … maybe thirty years younger … and each of them demonstrate significant depth and maturity. I’m pretty sure that that last sentence would not have been written about me when I was in my 20’s (I’m not even sure about my 50’s).

Donny, Phil & Ligaya, Tami have certainly changed our church. Jayson is going to take the huge step of faith in planting a church. Matt and Amy have taken a step of faith away from “comfortable” church. My daughter Jenny has a wonderful depth of spirit about her as she serves God in Scotland. Our youngest, Kristin, demonstrates wisdom and discipline regularly (and she writes well too!). Josh demonstrates wisdom and love with our grandkids that I’m pretty sure I didn’t always display as a young dad. Then there is my assistant at CBC who shows great patience in the midst of some difficult trials (hey, she works with me) and has wonderful insights from her world of dance.

I guess I should mention that I’m reading Mad Church Disease by Anne Jackson who is like 28 years old! I don’t know Anne, but I am impressed by her depth and compassion in writing about a very difficult topic. A young woman who seems to have an old soul.

Lord, let us be humble to listen to the godly younger men and women you are growing around us. And let us know when and how to graciously add to their development.


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