It May be OK to be Ordinary

Calling us to accomplish great things for God is part of the hype that constantly burns out millions of professing Christians.

I believe that Michael Horton is very much correct in this assessment (from Christless Christianity). Unfortunately I have been guilty of some of those passionate callings. I can only trust that the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of God’s people overruled some of my passion. Sometimes I just want to challenge the seeming commitment to mediocrity that so many Christians seem caught in. What is often heard is that we need to be “great” or “extraordinary” in our faith. And that may lead to some kind of sense of working to please God. What God has done (to paraphrase Horton), is to call many of us to ordinary but fruitful lives built on the most excellent amazing grace of God. Of course our cultural values may fight against that. You know the value that says that everyone is special, gifts, a superstar, etc.

It is as we live ordinary lives in Christ that the gospel is of God’s grace to sinners works it way into the ordinary lives of those around us. It’s worth thinking about.


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