A New Journal

journalI started a new journal last week. It’s the twenty-sixth since I began journaling in 1982. Back then I just used looseleaf notebook pages. Today I’ve become fond of Moleskine journals though this time I’m using a wannbe from Staples (for half the price). I’m partial to the type with graph paper. Whatever the journal type I always find myself a thoughtful as I start a new one. “What words will these pages hold? What insights? What history will they record?” I’m probably a bit more reflective with this one which I started on April 1 – the first day after making public our resignation at Crossroads. This journal will contain the record of a new adventure and how I feel about it all; it will contain the things that God brings to me through His Word; it will contain my weak moments and the not so weak times. Mostly it will be the record, once again, of a man totally dependent on the Grace of God as God does his work in and through me in His way.

I’ve re-read some of my journals. I find myself encouraged a lot, but also embarassed. I get discouraged at times that I continue to wrestle with some of the same things. Yet I am also encouraged that at no time does my journal show that God is ever anything other than who He.


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