Stuff Takes Time

Mrs. Random and I have begun the tedious process of packing up the stuff we have been collecting around the house for over 20 years. Even with periodic times of “destuffing” closets, rooms, and drawers we have a lot of stuff. I’m being reminded that stuff takes time to sort through. It takes time to decide if a particular item of “stuff”  is worthy of traveling to our next home (wherever that may be). We are nothing like the hoarders you might have heard of that just can’t let go of something because someday they might need it someday. Or those with a serious disorder where they actually gain comfort from having so much stuff – even junk – around them.

But we do have our “stuffy” places. Like the great unfinished shop and storage room that contains boxes we haven’t opened since our last move. Or the ubiquitous junk drawer. Or the cupboards in a closet that I forgot we even had. Since I’m told that we probably can’t use “all stuff included” as a marketing ploy, it appears that we’ll have to deal with our stuff. I wish I had a really cool lesson to draw from this (I can think of some, but I’m feeling a bit lazy tonight). I know my writer friend would have something really cool, but I thought if I just mused randomly about stuff I might be able to put off dealing with it for a little longer.


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