Finally, Back to the Blog

It’s been a while since my last update. I chose to “go on hiatus” for six weeks after leaving my Executive Pastor position at Crossroads for several reasons. The self imposed blog sabbath is now over which should be good news to my myriads of followers.

Most of our time in these weeks has been taken up with preparing our house for sale. We are dealing with our stuff, fixing things, updating a few items, and spending a bit more than we want. We list the place this coming weekend so this phase will soon be done. At least it will be as soon as we finish staging the place. Apparently houses sell better if they look like no one really lived in them, and if they look pretty much perfect rather than a well loved place where real people have lived real lives.

Some people tell me that I should do the same thing in putting together my resume. I need to look good, perfect, and show only the good stuff. I understand the issue, and I certainly hope to be considered rather than rejected immediately. I also hope that I will find my next call without sacrificing integrity. I have enough weaknesses already.


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