Wedding With a View

View from Newcastle

I had the privilege of officiating at a wedding this past weekend at a local golf club. The groom was beaming, the bride was radiant and beautiful as all brides are. And the day was one of those “chamber of commerce” days where you could see forever and realize how big even our local “world” is.

In my remarks to the couple I mentioned that the traditional vows they were making went back hundreds of years and that in making them they were linking to a much larger picture, a larger community, made up of those who have painted the metaphorical landscape of Christian marriage and commitment. Several in the audience had made similar vows as well and smiled as as the couple repeated the oft-heard words.

In fact, they were the very vows exchanged by Linda and I almost 38 years ago (August 7). I did not wish to lecture, but could almost hear myself saying to them that from our viewpoint, much farther along in life and marriage, that these words which are such a brief moment in the ceremony are the most important. They establish strength and confidence for those days that might not hold so much beauty.


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