God’s Will

Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung is sub-sub-titled “How to make a decision without dreams, visions, fleeces, impressions, open doors, random bible verses, casting lots, liver shivers, writing in the sky, etc.”  The book not only hits it target, it makes some great points along the way. And it has much to offer to Christians of all ages … not just students and young adults.

The basic message is the same as found in MacArthur’s small book but fleshed out, somewhat expanded and updated. It is more accessible than Friesen’s Decision Making and the Will of God. Essentially we need merely to do what God clearly reveals as his will in Scripture, and then do what we want. We need to use wisdom rather than magic to make choices. We are to walk by faith.

We must renounce our sinful desire to know the future and to be in the control. We are not gods. We walk by faith, not by sight. We risk because God does not risk. We walk into the future in God-glorifying confidence not because the future is known to us but because it is known to God. And that all we need to know. Worry about the future is not a character tic, it is the sin of unbelief, an indication that our hearts are not resting in the promises of God (48).

I particularly like the author’s insight that having so many choices in America today might feed our preoccupation with the will of God. “People living on a dollar a day just don’t have that many choices to make” (33). And the rebuke that often we want God to tell us what to do rather than make courageous decisions that will commit us to something while cutting off other options. I’ve made a similar point with my former staff, but DeYoung writes,

Let’s not spiritualize our inability to make decisions in the quest to discover God’s will (36).

“Decide” comes from the Latin word decider, meaning “to cut off,” which explains why decisions are so hard these days. We can’t stand the thought of cutting off any of our options.

Give this book to anyone facing decisions … particularly high school and college students. They will thank you.


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