Deep Change

  • Most people like change as long as it doesn’t mean that they have to change. The challenge for organizations is that deep change in most situations will require significant personal change on the part of leaders, yet those leaders may often be the last to embrace the need to change because it is uncomfortable.
  • Leaders often think that they are where they need to be and everyone else must change to be like them. We are often wrong.
  • The more we are committed to personal survival (or personal convenience or personal comfort) in an organizational setting the less we will embrace deep changes that may be required. The more we are committed to realizing a vision the more likely we will be a significant instrument of transformation and change.

I jotted these notes in my journal this week as I read the first half of Deep Change by Robert E. Quinn which is one of the books recommended at our  SonScape retreat. It is not a “Christian book”, but I’m finding it quite applicable to my life and to the church. A bit convicting and challenging. Dang. That probably means I will need to be changing, growing, repenting of immaturity and more. Glad I’ve got the power of the Holy Spirit to make that happen.


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