Deep Change Again

Deep Change is going to be one of those books that I’ll read again in a few months. It is one of those convicting books that points to things that are wrong within and without. That is, within me (unfortunately) and outside of me (easier to see? maybe. For sure, easier to accept).

It is also one of those books with unexpected insight in pithy sentences and passages like:

“Excellence, by definition, requires continued deviance from the norm” (174).

Or this one regarding an organization that said they wanted to be a high performance team. A group of bright, well-intentioned people who very much wanted to fulfill the objectives of their company:

They were initiating a number of rational steps on the hard side of the change process. The tasks they were performing included rearranging boxes on the organizational chart and writing new policies. They were not, however, acting like a team. (182)

Which leads to an extended consideration of “talked-about” behavior; desired behavior, and actual behavior. Guess which one matters according to the author.


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