Abandoning the Church?

Kevin DeYoung & Ted Kluck have written another excellent book about current trends. Why We Love The Church is a clear and concise response to the “current” trend of abandoning the church. As they did in Why We’re Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be, these guys bring reason and clarity to the issue. They acknowledge the problems of the organized church while holding it dear, not because it is perfect, but because it is God’s. Even as they defend the church they call for us to work to reform it into more of what it is called to be. For example, Kevin writes,

The answer to bad preaching (and no doubt that’s what we have in some of our churches) is not no preaching, but better preaching—preaching full of meat and marrow; preaching that manifestly comes out of the Scriptures and leads us back to them week after week; preaching that is unquestionably soaked in godliness and the presence of God; preaching delivered with passion and humility as from a dying man to dying men. When pastors preach like this, some will love it and some will not. But no one will have the right to label the sermon “a little talk” or “an inspiring oration” (176).


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