While I Was Surfing

While on a brief vacation last week, we spent some time on the beach at Corona del Mar in Southern California. I didn’t go surfing or even swim (still not sure I trust my shoulder to that stress yet). I did do some web surfing though (not on the beach – I just thought that made a nice segue).  Since I haven’t done the random link thing for a while, and haven’t posted anything for a week, it sure seems like a good time to share some of the waves … links I found.

This site is pretty sobering. But it makes it here just because of the name behind it – Poodwaddle.com.

Decide what you’re afraid of. I may be Alliumphobic. Or Chorophobic. Maybe even Ophthalmophobic.

Balldroppings is kind of addicting. Turn on the sound. Drive people crazy.

This is just a little scary – especially when alone.

Come here when you need to make some noise or hit something.

How about a truly annoying site – click a couple with the sound on and you’ll agree. It will drive your mates crazy.

Need a new clock for your computer. Turn on the sound for effect.

In-N-Out Burger My favorite spot to grab a bite. Fresh ingredients. Well run. Owned entirely by a young lady. Read the book. This place is run really well. Some great lessons for the church.



Finally, you can learn to understand cats by looking into their brain here.


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