Consumer Alienation

No comment required:

Alienation has conditioned consumers, including the religious variety to believe context is irrelevant. Value is found only in something’s immediate usefulness, in its ability to satisfy our immediate desire. As a result we have alienated God from the larger story of Scripture that informs us of his character and attributes. At the same time that we are flippantly producing more words about God, we are paradoxically less interested in the words he has spoken about himself. Why bother reading what happened long ago in a land far away? Instead, just boil the story down to three applications on a PowerPoint Slide.

This is the view of God a consumer culture feeds to our imaginations—a controllable and convenient deity devoid of any relevant context. But before this false god can be replaced in our minds it must first be erased, shattered by an encounter with the true God beyond our grasp.

From The Divine Commodity by Skye Jethani (emphasis mine).

OK. One comment. We must preach, teach, proclaim, and live, the truth of the true God. It is more powerful than trying to rail against the false ones.


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