Why Study for a Sermon?

I really wonder if it has come to this – pastors outsourcing the work of creating their sermons. Skye Jethani writes:

The Wizard of Oz was a mighty and powerful being to be feared and respected…until the curtain was drawn back and the Wizard turned out to be a mechanical façade created by a little man pushing buttons and pulling levers. The classic story came to mind this week as I heard two separate stories of megachurch pastors literally outsourcing their Bible study and exegetical sermon preparation work.Apparently the trend is not as uncommon as one might think, although I’m sure not every large church pastor utilizes the services of outsiders. The program works like this-a megachurch pastor has limited time and many obligation. He simply cannot pour hours of labor into studying the Bible, exegeting the texts, reading commentaries, and researching historical interpretations. So, he hires a credible and educated Bible student to do this work instead. The exegete-for-hire then delivers the essential points in a summary paper that the pastor can add pertinent illustrations and applications to before delivering the sermon to his flock.

No way can I improve on Skye’s thoughts so read the rest of his post here.


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