Too Close to Home

Francis Chan in Forgotten God hit close to my heart as I was reading this morning. I hate/love it when that happens. The question is, do I really want to be led by the Holy Spirit? At least Chan is honest …

I honestly believe that most of us – while we say we we want to be led by the spirit – are actually scared of the reality. I know I am. What would it mean? What if he asks you to give up something you’re not ready to give up? What if he leads you where you don’t want to go? What if he tells you to change jobs? to Move? Are you willing to surrender to him, no matter where he want to take you? (p. 90).

I find myself in the same boat with the same questions even after walking with God for 40+ years; even after stepping out of a ministry in direct response to the Spirit’s clear leading; even after following His leading to Seattle twenty-four years ago (“anywhere Lord, but please not Seattle!”).

Chan’s words are a good reminder that we must find ourselves trusting God’s mercies anew header-gooseevery day. Life will still be a bit scary, following God can be anything but safe. Some have noted that in earlier times the Celts likened the Holy Spirit to a wild goose who may take us on an adventure as we follow. But can we really do better trusting our lives to our own plans? Following our own safety strategies? Being committed to our comfort first. I think not. Yet it is still hard to follow.

The thought pairs well with some previous insights on God’s Will.


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