Do I Fake Passion?

Francis Chan has some personal thoughts (he always seems to apply things to himself first) for church leaders. In a post on Public Passion vs. Private Devotion, Chan begins with a sharp insight:

I wonder if the inconsistency in my walk with God has anything to do with the fact that I can lead a “successful” church in America without being in love with Jesus. I’m sure I could blame American church culture, my position, or a busy schedule for my lack of reverent intimacy. The truth, however, is that my sin and hypocrisy is a result of me.

He points to three character issues that let us lead without real passion. I wish they weren’t likely true of me as well:

  • I forget to Love God
  • I fake passion well
  • I follow the people I lead
    Lord, grant us the sensitivity to lead your church with greater passion, deeper devotion, and better character. And, Lord, thank you for graciously using us (uh … me) despite our weakness. 

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