Musings on a Hotel Room

Mrs. Random and I are warmly ensconced in room 8 of a guest house in Glasgow (being in Glasgow seems to bring out words like “e nsconced”). It is a nice lodging with a number of notable features including the fact that they located it just one-tenth of a mile from our daughter.

Amenities of said room include a walk up three flights of wonderfully creaky stairs covered in mid 1900’s carpet. Using a decidedly low-tech skeleton key one enters a large (by UK standards) guest room with a bay window sitting area looking out over the river Kelvin, the local skyline of hundreds of flats, several church spires, and the Pewter Pot Pub. The room

comes furnished with unique lighting by bulbs that are especially imported in order to give a jaundiced cast to all in the room when there is no daylight. I believe the mattress is imported as well – they are made with unique coils designed to make themselves individually felt over the course of the night (however, Mrs. Random seems not to have noticed this unique feature).

In one of the upgrades at the end of the last century, a television was mounted upon the wall – carefully placed so that it can be seen from both beds or the sitting area, it is also at head height so one cannot miss caressing its corner with one’s head on a regular basis. the TV unit has stylishly rounded corners so that these times of loving contact draw no blood.

This unit is one of 4 with ensuite bath. The unique, smaller-than-cruise ship size shower is equipped with instant hot water and low flow spray unit, and an amazing drain that is designed to keep run off from entering the city sewer lines too quickly. The same yellow lights make for adventure in makeup (not that I wear any of course).

Yet, we rejoice that God has allowed us funds and time to visit Glasgow, our daughter, and her friends. We have found that there are more important things than the best hotel rooms. Or even the most comfortable bed. Family & friends, connected by God, reflecting on his work in our lives, just loving on one another wherever we are, makes all the difference.


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