Making Herds Disappear

On our jaunt to the Scottish Highlands this weekend we heard the story of a highland clan that had the ability to make their herd of sheep disappear whenever they were raided by other clans or the hated English. Apparently these disappearances were common enough and frustrating enough that they took on the feel of legend with the powers becoming magical and  growing with each telling of the story.

Hidden Valley 1But like most legends the reality was a bit less than magical. There is a valley hidden high in the crags that is accessible only by a narrow track that is also somewhat hidden from view. From below it appears to be just a saddle in the crags, but (I’m told since I did not actually hike it) there is a sizeable hidden valley with everything the flocks and herders might require. As our “guide” told us, they hid the flocks in plain sight for you can see the valley entrance, just not what is behind. the entrance, while not disguised, requires one to imagine what is beyond in order to actually be motivated to climb that high.

I wonder how often we miss some of God’s good things because they are hidden somewhere that doesn’t make sense to us.


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