Repurposed Church

I’ve written before on some thoughts I had upon considering the church in Scotland. I’ve now been to Glasgow 4 times in five years and each time, I have noticed a large number of mostly very old church buildings in the area surrounding my daughter’s flat which is near theAlong the Kelvin (11) University. I don’t get all the ins and outs of the Church of Scotland, nor many of the other churches I’ve come across, and I’ve been a bit lax in reading my Scottish church history. But I have found that many of these churches that once proclaimed the message Jesus have “gone out of business”. I’m told, in fact, that one of the “cool trends” in real estate and business is to find and purchase an empty church building and repurpose it into something "worthwhile”. This former church in the heart of the district has been re-“anointed” as a nightclub. I guess it gives new meaning to being filled with the spirits. Several others are now restaurants. I came across one that is now an office complex.

If I didn’t know about a growing movement of the Spirit of God in Scotland, it would probably be quite discouraging to consider this ongoing re-purposing of space formerly devoted to God. I wrote back in January 2007:

As I reflect on the state of affairs in Scotland, I wonder about the state of the church here in the U.S.A. Could we come to the same place 20 years from now? I’m not a prophet so I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that the true Saints of Scotland past would be surprised by the lack of faith today, so I have to believe that it could happen here too.

What I can do is pray that the church where I serve today would remain faithful to Jesus and the Word of God well after I am gone. I can also seek to do what I can do to encourage the young leaders to “guard the good deposit entrusted” to them (2 Timothy 1:14).


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