What We Really Believe

God has an easy way of checking on what we really believe: He listens to our prayers – David Fisher, 21st Century Pastor

That is, if we pray at all. So often we seem to be caught up in prayers for petty, selfish things, almost as if God were more of a cosmic vendor, rather than the transcendent God who is also near to us. Fisher notes that “God was pushed to the margins [of culture] a generation ago, and all that seems to be left is flat and immanent human experience. Sadly, the church has offered little more”

Do our prayers, both as individuals and as the church, really reflect that we believe God is truly present? Do we believe that in the congregation of gathered believers the power of God, the power of eternity, is present? Individuals or a church can claim to believe that Christ is present when they meet to worship but never experience anything beyond human experience. It is ironic that a movement (i.e., the church) claims transcendent reality but experiences little of it.

I’ve been thinking about the content of my prayers a bit more this week.


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