Spiritual Deformity

In reviewing my personal journal from 1986 I came across this potent quote. I had just begun my ministry at Crossroads Baptist [now Bible] Church, and the rebuke was timely. Truth be told, I still need the reminder to be right, correct, biblical, and godly, with a gracious and compassionate integrity.

There are areas in our lives where in our effort to be right we may go wrong, so wrong as to lead to spiritual deformity. To be specific let me name a few:

  1. When in our determination to be bold we become brazen.
  2. When in our desire to be frank we become rude.
  3. When in our effort to be watchful we become suspicious.
  4. When we seek to be serious and become somber.
  5. When we mean to be conscientious and become over-scrupulous. 

    A. W. Tozer from That Incredible Christian.


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