Staff Values

Kudos to Oak Leaf Church for their commitment to the following values. I wish I could find the link again. I really like these practices within the overarching commitment to biblical excellence.


We are a team, modeling community for our church. We’ll celebrate each other’s victories, pray for each other, and treat each other with respect. We’ll do life together.

Professionalism and Excellence

We value each other’s privacy and schedules in the office and in the home. People will know where we are during the day, what time we’ll be in and what time we will leave. We will do the things that matter most first, and not overlook the important for the urgent. We will do what we say we will do and be on time and prepared for meetings.

Team Ministry

We can accomplish more together than we can individually. We are not a federation of sub-ministries and realize that we all have a part in the overall vision of the church. We will communicate with each other and collaborate with each other. We will respect each other’s roles and positions.

Right Priorities

We will meet with God every day. We will cheat the ministry and the church before we cheat God and our families. We will work hard so we can honor our days off. We never take our staff hat off and realize that people are always watching.

Retreat and Relax

We will retreat once a year as a staff. We will retreat once a year by ourselves. We will use our vacation time and attend conferences.

People Matter

People matter more than programs, buildings and budgets, but not more than principles and purpose. We will get back with people within 24 hours when they call or e-mail us. We will close the loop on communication.


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