Reflections from a Conference – 1987

I had the privilege of listening to Rebecca Manley Pippert at a May 1987 conference in Portland, OR. She made some great points that provoked my thinking then, and that mix of thoughts made their way into my journal. (Apologies to Ms. Pippert for any injustice I did to her words).

  • As we hit middle age the way we die for Christ may be different. The temptations may be different; spiritual testing is different; we are different; life lessons to be learned are different. Yet even as things change we need to get back to the basics, to the first things, especially the Cross and the Resurrection.
  • We must not forget that Jesus came and nothing was ever the same again. We could be new from the center, not merely renovated. Nor can we forget our dual involvement in the Cross. We crucified him and we were crucified with him.
  • Christians try to control too much, including God – that is sin. We must learn to relinquish control, or trying to control. We can’t control anything that matters anyway. God is more than pleased to accept our resignation of lives to him.
  • We have a Cross that tells us we are all crucifiers, yet we are afraid to admit we are sinners. We tend to resist repentance in two ways. We will deny that there is any problem, and we are excellent at rationalization.
  • The greatest problem we have as growing Christians is “unbelief” – we often deny the problem of our evil, of our sin. We would be wise to note that temptation is not sin. In fact, it might be a sign of godliness that we have something to be tempted over.

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