I’ve had a few days this past year that could be labeled “blah”.

Not necessarily bad. Just … blah.

Actually, in reviewing my journals, I can see that I have had many, many, many blah days over the years.

And I tend to think that I deserve better than blah.

My excuse these days could easily be that I am looking for work and my days are not quite full enough.

But to be honest, I used to have blah days when my life was full, and I was doing a lot of Very Important Things.

Pastor Chuck Swindoll once said that we need to keep Psalm 90:12 in mind when we encounter these types of days :

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom” (ESV)

We need to keep in mind that this is a prayer that God would cause us to view each day as He himself does. That we would see each day’s significance in light of God’s larger plan, his larger story. It is a call for us to live and use each day … however it unfolds … whatever it includes … as being of significance and having value. All the days. The exciting ones. And the “blah” ones. Realizing that they are numbered; that this physical life is not infinite, and that that in itself adds value to all days. And all days lived in light of this knowledge will lead to wisdom.

Often what makes a day “flat” is that we sense no significance in our routine, that what we do doesn’t seem to matter – often even when we are overwhelmingly busy.

Yet sometimes it is in the sustained following of the Christ that we will make the most significant impact on others,

    • in all types of terrain: valleys, mountains, or, more likely flat places;
    • in all spiritual climates: pleasant, unpleasant, or, more likely, “blah”.

So I will seek to embrace even the blah days as they are designed by God.


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