Of Moles and Sin

Once again this Summer, we have uninvited visitors hanging out in our yard. A family of Talpidae, aka “moles”, aka “annoying-to-the-extreme-pests” have decided to summer at the Jack’s. I thought that surely they had such a bad time last year that they wouldn’t return, but I guess we have the best in ground grubs in Sammamish.  I’ve never actually seen them, but I certainly see their work … vein-like mounded trails throughout the grass (aka, “moss”) and the carefully laid bark that is supposed to look good to a potential buyer. I’ve tried a couple of methods to move them on to somewhere else … like my neighbor’s lush garden, or the forest that surrounds us. But no, they seem to like where they are … I’ve been told that they are pretty much creatures of habit. I can smash their visible burrows and runs, but they come back when I’m not watching. I’ve filled their burrows with water, but I think I hear them laughing and splashing. I’ve baited them with Big Red gum (anecdotal mole antidote) but all I got was moles with nice breath, though a couple tossed it back with little notes asking for something more minty. Next stop is to check in with the experts (aka “rent Caddyshack”).

moleAnyway … moles are a pain. They make a mess. They hide under the surface, and you will rarely see them, but you can’t miss their damage. Left alone they do their work of destruction – turning solid ground into mush.

Kind of reminds me of the sin that becomes so entrenched in my life.



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