Derailed Leaders

Bruce Jones in Ministerial Leadership in a Managerial World mentions that that there are two primary reasons for some, otherwise equal, leaders in the church being derailed in their leadership. The first is that they are marked by an insensitivity to people. The second is that they are cold, aloof, or arrogant in their dealings with others. No one really sets out to be this way, but over time, for various reasons, they begin to change.

DerailedDerailed men tend to be defensive (often out of fear) and they are not vulnerable to others. The result is often a lack of true accountability. They become authoritarian (i.e., strict,  demanding obedience, favoring strict rules and established authority) to a degree that undermines their true desire of being authoritative (i.e., reliable, convincing, backed by evidence, and showing deep knowledge).

I “starred” this in my journal back in 1989 noting that this is not about personality, but character. Both introverts and extroverts can fall prey to insensitivity and arrogance even while using their personality to cover up in some way. I also wrote that I desperately need to depend on the grace of God to overcome that which might create in me either of those quiet sins.


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