Charles Spurgeon once said something to the effect that the affliction of today may have no reference to the circumstances of today, but to the circumstances of the future. I’ve been considering this as I wait for God’s clear direction and wondering how God might use this somewhat disconcerting time of waiting in my future ministry. I hope that I will be a more compassionate pastor because of it.

I know I will have a greater empathy for those who are between jobs. I’ll understand better the internal struggles they face. I also know that I will continually do all I can to point to a faithful God, a trustworthy God, a caring God, even if the circumstances of the day seem hopeless. And I’ll remind them that God may be preparing them from a day that they do not yet see.

“If we cannot believe God when circumstances seem to be against us, we do not believe Him at all.” – Charles Spurgeon


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