Learning from a Little One

Napping at Enjoy (1)For the past week Mrs. Random and I have been in Glasgow, Scotland visiting and prepping for our daughter’s wedding. We’ve been enjoying the earliest and heaviest snow Scotland has experienced in 50 years from a small flat that we are sharing with the bride’s best friend from So. California, along with her husband and … M, their 11 month old daughter.

Having been away from living with babies for a while (a long while), it has been interesting to relearn some of the important life lessons that an almost 1 year old can teach us. I leave it to my readers to apply to themselves:

  • Sometimes nothing will make you happy, but … wait for it …
  • Sometimes everything makes you smile.
  • Cheerios are maybe the best thing ever invented. they almost always make you happy.
  • Eating is always exciting … unless there something more interesting in view. Rarely will there be anything more exciting.
  • You must train you parents to feed you. Crying helps.
  • You really don’t need many toys to be happy.
  • However, if you roll the toys under the sofa you will be unhappy.
  • Sippy cups might be the best invention ever.
  • Empty Sippy cups are a source of great sadness.
  • Cheerios are wonderful … like baby bagels.
  • Fashion is not all that important. You can easily mess up anything you wear.
  • Being cute means you get to be in lots of fun pictures just like a celebrity.
  • People can talk about your poop and you laugh!
  • If mommy says “no” to something, it is immediately very interesting.
  • It is really easy to train old people to make silly faces and noises.
  • If you snuggle up to old people they sigh a lot.
  • Being cute means that you can pretty much do whatever you want. This works best especially with any non-parental units that are around.
  • Naps are really nice. A good nap makes it so much easier to stay awake and fuss at night when your parents want to sleep.
  • Big people keep talking about  what day of week it is. They are silly. Every day is snuggle and giggle day. And Cheerio day.
  • When you are little, you get to teach your parents a lot about grace.
  • Grace is a good thing!
  • Did I mention Cheerios?

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