Totally Random Thoughts

A few thoughts from March 1990.

  • As a pastor it is quite easy to be drawn to meeting everyone’s expectations, but lose our joy of relationship with the Lord who has called us to service beyond expectations.
  • Burned out people always look their best the day before they crash.”
  • When pruning grapes, one must cut back the vines to the five good canes, possibly cutting off forty-five others that seem good, or you’ll have the lushest, greenest vines but NO fruit. It is good to submit to the pruning of the Lord. (See John 15).
  • People come to worship with distractions – often legitimate distractions – deep cares and hurts in family, in body, in soul. They may be in a financial crunch time, or struggling with an aging parent, or a rebellious child. Our job as ministers is to overwhelm the careworn with the aroma of the gospel. Most people need encouragement – courage to make changes in their lives – even small ones. That means along with the aroma of grace we must bring words of courage far more readily than words of challenge.

I wasn’t good about recording sources back then so I really have no idea where most of them came from (but Leadership Journal would be a good guess).


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