Monthly Archives: February 2006

The Race is On Again

The Amazing Race has returned for its 9th season and it would appear that it has shaken the malaise of last season. The family race was an interesting experiment, but just too many people to watch – and who wants to hear teenagers whine. With 11 interesting teams of two there should be some worth rooting for. Already getting out of the USA (Sao Paulo, Brazil) the locations should be much more exciting and fun. As a former youth pastor, I’m thinking this might be a cool game to re-create in some church … maybe a race to all sorts of missions projects around the world. OK, probably not since the fund raising would be a real bear.


The sad thing about this …

… is that many will believe that this “MegaChurch video game” is real. Then again, it seems like there may be churches already playing the game in real life … church just the way you like it! (For those a bit slower than others – this is a parody).