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Wordle Me This

Wordle is a pretty cool toy to create “word clouds” from text you input or import.

This one is from my blog feed.




And this one is from Snapshots of Crossroads – my Executive Pastor blog.




Finally, here’s one from Jeremiah.




Create one of your own!


Having Trouble Keeping Your Monitor Clean?

This will help.


So what personality type are you? Here’s an interesting way to get your Miers-Briggs letters. They say I’m an ISTJ.

Tim Challies has a post about organizing a personal library. He’s using LibraryThing. I wrote about this site in a post two years ago and wasn’t sure I wold find it all that helpful. Now I use it all the time. My library is listed here. Some users are using it to list books they want to purchase/read. It is a flexible tool for bibliophiles. I might even get rid of my Amazon wish list …

This is why I will probably never enjoy Korea (at least Korean buffets?).

Netflix for Books? I think the public library works just as good … and it is free.

This might be an interesting tool to put on a website. It doesn’t tell how many may die because of reading my stuff. It might be kind of creepy, but it does make one think.

You Too Can Blog

The hardest things about blogging are actually finding topics, followed by finding time to write (harder for some of us than others). Actually blogging is not all that hard thanks to WordPress and Blogger. You can begin to blog too – check out these free how to start blogging videos. Start a blog. Let me know. I’ll link to you!

More Random Stuff from Bored Browsing

Just hanging this afternoon. Finding strange and unusal things to share.

  • FlashFace: Here is another place to while away a few minutes with some amazing flash software.
  • Things you can do with sand. I am always amazed at this kind of stuff.
  • Some very creative pictures. More fun pics here – click the links unders some of them for more.
  • Readers – this site might be helpful or just quirky.
  • This guy has way too much time on his hands.
  • If you feel you are spiraling out of control…
  • The colors on this blog are pretty amazing.
  • The Brits really are unusual. A New Place to Create … and Waste Some Time

If you enjoy music and exploring new artists you might like Pandora. I tend to get tired of listening to the same songs over and over, but I do like finding new stuff that has similar qualities to the music I like. Enter the music genome project and I’ve played with this a litte and found it interesting and fun. You can create and develop music lists on the fly … giving thumbs up or thumbs down to whatever is playing at the time and you will refine your play list. I suppose it is ultimately possible to eliminate everything buy Amy Grant, but the time I’ve spent opened up some new listening options.

I wonder if we could create something like this for preachers and sermons. Set up a radio station with sermons that sound like “Jerry Mitchell” or “Jayson Turner”. I wonder if “John MacArthur” or “Mark Driscoll” would start playing?

Microsoft Codename Max

I stumbled across Microsoft Codename Max a new Beta software program from the folks down the road in Redmond. At first it seems to be merely another photo organizer and browser with a couple of twists on presentation, but there’s a newsreader for RSS feeds that is really quite nice. No, it won’t change your life, or bring you closer to God, but it was a nice diversion this evening!