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Résumé Reflections

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my résumé. Twenty-three years in fact. I’ve reviewed a few hundred or so in my role as Executive Pastor and I’m trying to remember which ones actually gained my attention. I know that the people I hired usually did not have the most creative or cutting edge document, but something drew me to them. OK, someone drew me to them. I have to believe that the Holy Spirit is in the midst of the odd process churches use to find their staff and that he will guide, attract, draw, call dependent, praying, servants and dependent, praying, churches into relationship with one another.

In my human-ness I hope someone takes note the written summary of my life and ministry, but the whole process reminds me that God will be at work to bring his perfect result. That seems to be a good thing to reflect upon as I begin to tell the story of God’s work through the gifts he’s given to me.



Our local paper provides opportunities to local high school students to write a column. I really liked this one, “The Anatomy of Being Late” by Sarelyn Radeck. I think some of these people join me at church on Sunday. Sorry this post is late, but …


Thanks to @phil__johnson‘s twitter feed for these links to a great story … it’s one of those that will be everywhere for a few days, but just in case you missed it.

Britian’s Got Talent

Singer Susan Boyle

We all need the reminder that the way things look at first might not be the way they are in reality. Bet we hear more about this story.

Totally Unrelated Links

There seems to be much discussion about the power demons have over Christians. My position is seemingly in the minority in the Northwest, but for those who might be interested,  this post on Pulpit blog is helpful. Power Encounters by David Powlison is also helpful. The book is currently out of print, but is thoroughly outlined by Justin Taylor. Might be nice to note that C.J. Maheney likes Mr. Powlison.

This might be the worst, or at least the most absurd, social networking site on the internet.

This site is surprisingly calming to someone like me; this post was a good reminder – especially #4.

There are many posts around the web on marketing to the “next” generation. This one, surprisingly, points out a vital need that the church would be wise not to miss.

Not a Puzzle

Timothy Stoner writes in The God Who Smokes:

“… we assume that God must conform to our standards of logic, justice and fairness. We are convinced that he is a puzzle to be solved and that life is a detective story to be unraveled. But we are wrong.”

I needed this reminder. OK, I still need this reminder. Far too often I want to figure things out, to make things work the way I think that they should. And I have a tendency to want to “make life work” (in words of a counselor) rather than trust God when the don’t. I hope I’m get better at living in mystery and uncertainty even though it isn’t always fun or easy.

By the way, Stoner concludes that following God is not like reading a detective novel, but rather a wonderful romance … a metaphor worth considering.

A New Journal

journalI started a new journal last week. It’s the twenty-sixth since I began journaling in 1982. Back then I just used looseleaf notebook pages. Today I’ve become fond of Moleskine journals though this time I’m using a wannbe from Staples (for half the price). I’m partial to the type with graph paper. Whatever the journal type I always find myself a thoughtful as I start a new one. “What words will these pages hold? What insights? What history will they record?” I’m probably a bit more reflective with this one which I started on April 1 – the first day after making public our resignation at Crossroads. This journal will contain the record of a new adventure and how I feel about it all; it will contain the things that God brings to me through His Word; it will contain my weak moments and the not so weak times. Mostly it will be the record, once again, of a man totally dependent on the Grace of God as God does his work in and through me in His way.

I’ve re-read some of my journals. I find myself encouraged a lot, but also embarassed. I get discouraged at times that I continue to wrestle with some of the same things. Yet I am also encouraged that at no time does my journal show that God is ever anything other than who He.

Decision Made!

I’ve been in a blog void for a couple of weeks. I’ve been wrestling through a major life decision and the implications of that decision – implications for more people than just myself. We announced the choice we made this weekend in our church communications and there are a few more details on my church blog. We will be leaving the staff of Crossroads Bible Church and engaging in ministry that is still unknown. Yeah, we know it is kind of crazy to leave the security and comfort of what is known, but we truly sense God at work.