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In my mind I’m still 17. From this picture the truth is obvious – I’m actually a grampa. The cute one is Elaine Victoria.


Truth Is Still Truth – Libronix Downloads

Thanks to Mike at TMS Alumni for directing us to some great, free, books for Libronix – my favorite Bible Study software. The libronix downloads at Truth Is Still Truth includes John Gill, John Owen and more. Worth looking at if you are a Logos Bible Software user.

The Way I see it…

 Irish Calvinist has some insight about what could be wrong with a popular Christian pastor’s thoughts on a Starbucks cup? It really comes down to the the “J-word” – i.e., “Jesus.” A young man we are interviewing for a position on our youth team said much the same thing this morning as he spoke to our High School students. Most people will let you say lots of things about God, but if you say something about Jesus it just might bring some strong words and feelings. I’m reminded that we really do need to make it clear that the God of whom we speak is Jesus … the one who rose from the dead, the one who said he was the only way to heaven, the one in whom we must believe.

Na – Humble Orthodoxy

Apparently Na – Humble Orthodoxy is not an entirely new web destination but rather a redesign of an old one related to Sovereign Grace Ministries. Thanks to Tim Challies I stumbled across this well designed and interesting site commited to, as they put it: Truth. Lived out. With humility. Much more about them, in their own words, can be found here.

God Glorified in the Nobodies

Long ago in a church far away I first heard John MacArthur preach on the topic of the person that God uses. This article in Pulpit Magazine, God Glorified in the Nobodies took me back to that Sunday night sometime around the middle of 1970. It was the first time I really believed God could use me … a nerdy kid with little in the way of social skill or anything else. God’s grace and humor is truly amazing. But when it is all said and done it is obvious that the ministry is done only by Him.

Hard Words from John Stott

Ten years ago I had the privelege of taking a 3 month sabbatical. During that time we visited a number of different churches in several different states, but the most interesting visit was to First Presbyterian Church in Bellevue, mainly because the speaker for the morning was none other than pastor-theologian John Stott. I just came across my notes from his sermon in which he somewhat randomly spoke to issues he saw developing in the church at the end of the 20th century (1996). I think his concerns are possibly more valid ten years later. See if you can discern his concerns from these quotes.

The church seems to have a pussycat ministry where we stroke people with what they want to hear until they purr. We become quite popular when we implement it

It is not possible to be popular and faithful at the same time.

The only way to self-discovery is self-denial. You find yourself by losing yourself – in Christ.

Discipleship today (at least in the church) tends to be a veneer of piety over paganism.

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