Monthly Archives: June 2011

Average Joe

Book Review: Average Joe: Gods Extraordinary Calling to Ordinary Men by Troy Meeder.

I’ve written previously about the penchant of Christian communicators to tend towards extolling the virtues of the extraordinary highly committed Christian. Sometimes it seems that pastors only share stories of dynamic encounters, or exciting situations. Rarely will you read, or hear, about living a Christian life in the midst of the mundane daily routine that rarely changes – the place where most of us live.

Troy Meeder attempts to change this with some success as he seeks to encourage what he calls “average Joes” to faithfully follow Christ daily because God often calls ordinary men and women to “do his most important work”.  These are people who work diligently, maintain their homes, mow the lawn, love their wives and kids, etc. They serve Christ as they can, mostly in seemingly small ways, yet their impact is often powerful in the lives of others.

The book is mostly collection of stories of how Joes the author knows have made such an impact. The stories are interesting and Meeder draws out some appropriate metaphors and biblical lessons. In the main, he makes a solid case regarding the value of ordinary men. I appreciated the subtle underscoring that the extraordinary one is, in fact, God. It is his calling that is worthy and great.

The included study guide includes well thought-out questions that will add depth to “ordinary” men’s discussion groups.